Monday, 11 October 2010

Salad days...

We have now moved from Turkey to Greece and we find ourselves getting really rather excited by the prospect of a Greek salad for lunch. From actively avoiding salads or any food not cooked in the earlier countries we now feel we have sort of done lamb and rice and yearn for some different fare.  

Greece is hot today and as I write this we are heading to Amaxades for a time control on a Greek motorway.  I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to be driving on well laid tarmac although I fear it may not last.  There is word that we will be doing some of the stages used on the Acropolis rally.  Let's hope that the traditional Greek spectators are not out in their usual force. 

The rally rolls on with now only 80 cars on the check out board from a 105. Its odd that you don't miss people, unless you know them very well, until they reappear. Two guys turned up today having been missing in action since Mongolia. Their Lagonda is still there with broken axle so they flew home to Holland for a week, prepared their beautiful Healey 3000 and drove to meet us in Turkey. This sort of ingenuity typifies the spirit of the rally, people just don't give up.  There are three other crews who bought local cars when their own failed and followed the rally that way. 

Yesterday was a very welcome break and is our last until Paris.  That said we sail tomorrow night for Italy on a 14 hour crossing. 

The Aston is really running well and we think she can smell home.   Now off to find that salad.

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