Saturday, 16 October 2010

Gliding through France...

Gliding through France in an Aston Martin db5 has always been a dream of mine. I am happy to report that the reality is every bit as good as the dream. South eastern France is very attractive and we picked our way through beautiful villages and passed numerous chateaux.

For now the harshness of central asia seems a distance memory. New brake pads have returned the Aston to fine form and we put in yet another impressive time during the timed section in Bresse.

This is only my second blog and will be my last before Paris tomorrow. This has been an adventure like no other. I have learnt a great deal and met some quite remarkable people. The car has been extremely competitive and my thanks go to R S Williams for their efforts in getting her ready for the event. Most on the rally felt the Aston would not make it. All now agree she is a remarkable car. Here I agree.

Andrew has had the difficult task of caring for the car and also driving the more important timed stages. Both, he has done  with skill and energy. The success of our venture is very much down to him. For me......well I am afraid my friends are in for many hours of stories from my peking to paris adventure!!!

Paris tomorrow and day 37 of the rally. The end!!!


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  1. I wrote in the AMOC forum that I will meet you when you arrive in France, unfortunatly, I was abroad and just came back home :-(

    Congratulations !!