Friday, 15 October 2010

Fabulous France...

After a couple of non stop days crossing Italy east to west yesterday we crossed the Alps into France. It seems kind of strange that was our last border crossing and no one was there to check, check and recheck our passports as in most of the other countries on route. 
The climb up to the border crossing was spectacular but a big struggle for some earlier cars.  Last night we overnighted in Aix les Bains and we are just about top depart for Troyes and then tomorrow into Paris if we can get past the protesters.  
A different air is now hanging over the rally.  It's almost over and it will soon be back to reality. 14500 km, 11 countries our journey has been awesome and something we will never forget. There are many stories to recount but right now we have to make sure we get the Aston to Paris and there is still 600km to do!

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