Sunday, 17 October 2010

Where do you start?

This is strange!  I am now sitting in my living room in front of a warm fire typing this on my laptop and not on my finger defying blackberry!  It seems really very odd, firstly not to have my great companion Adrian to ask about spelling and facts and figures , but also to be back in a western,  comfortable environment after such an experience. I dont know whether we will ever really be able to explain to others what this adventure was really all about, the hardships, the successes,  the challenges, the highs and of course the lows, but  for me the biggest thing I take away from this are the friendships, forged in the  hardened steel of shared times. We have seen much to expand our horizons and educate our minds , amd much to make us feel humble about what we in the West enjoy and take for granted , it will definitely change my perspectives.  Some of the companions on this epic trip will I hope be friends for life, it really has been an awesome experience, and one that I have been honoured to share with Adrian.  He has been a most generous friend , in so many ways, and in letting me drive and help tend his beautiful Aston Martin DB5 is just one such example of that.

We started this journey with no real objective other than to try to get both ourselves and the car half way around the world on roads of unknown quality and to try to take what ever was thrown at us with a chuckle and a decent sense of humour.  I hope we have got somewhere near this but others will be the judges of that.  The car has been beautifully prepared by Richard Williams and his team and has proven that an Aston Martin really can mix it with all comers what ever the conditions  and do so with style and presence.  I hope that one or two garage queens may be tempted out of hibernation to do some longer runs now that we all know they can manage 10,000 miles between services!  I am going to sort of miss the car, the daily routines of checking her over and the joy of being in such a wonderful machine for 5 weeks, but most of all I will miss my friends, old and new. 

Thankyou for supporting us...........and dont hesitate to have a go will love it and never regret the experience I guarantee!

The party's over.....time to come home