Thursday, 26 August 2010

A slight hiccup!

It seems I may have a problem with posting photos to this blog from my blackberry!!!!!!!!! 

Ummh, looking into this but if anyone has the answer PLEASE let me know.  I know there are more techy people out there.  thx
This is just another test guys. I am still trying to make sure it works ok since we are going to look pretty silly if it fails on the event. Well I am going to look pretty silly to be accurate!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The nerves kick in

Gosh, am I really embarking in this adventure in an old Aston Martin for over 5 weeks?   Time is bearing down on us now, and its finally dawning on me that this really is happening.  When Adrian first asked me to be his co driver it was probably nearly 3 years ago, and like all things in life, the time went slowly to start and accelerated over the last 9 months.

I feel pretty well prepared, and the car certainly is.  I think what is concerning me the most now is the personal paraphenalia I need to take. Still not sure what sort of clothes and equipement is essential and whats just going to come along for the journey. 

I started watching the excellent film series that were made for Discovery Channel on the last event.  It has rather brought it home to me.  Anyway, there is nothing much I can do about things now.  The car is on the high seas, the flights are booked and I have told the wife, well actually I told her that I would be away for 3 weeks......

Saturday, 21 August 2010

this is the promised link to the GPSed site where you will be able to follow our progress on the rally.  Hope it works!

ah the wonders of modern technology.

thanks Fergus.. Thankgoodness someone understands blogs.  Ok this link should now work

Peking to Paris in an Aston Martin DB5

There are now just 3 weeks to go before the epic journey begins. I am lucky enough to be navigator and co driver to Adrian in his rally prepared Aston Martin DB5.  The car is somewhere on the high seas on route to Peking where the rally starts on the 10th September.  The car has been prepared for the trial by Richard Williams and his team at Surrey based RS Williams.  We will try to post most days with some updates and I will also post a link to our GPS tracker which should be able to show our progress on Google Maps.  We are also hoping to get a link in place on the RS Williams website so you can link in directly from there as well.  Anyway, first post, checking the technology all works ok, and more to follow.   Andrew