Monday, 4 October 2010

On to Iran...

This is it!  Iran today and attached is our rally memo for the day.  Don't know what to expect really but last night was fun as all the tipples that had been secreted away in cars were brought out to be drunk up before entering Iran.  Its another bright and warm morning as we listen to the engines firing up to head off to the border. We are now over half way and the road mileages are increasing.....thank goodness.  The Aston remains fabulous on the roads and always gets greeted by the locals as the James Bond car! Amazing. 

Ashqabat is almost all brand new following the devastating earthquake that levelled it in 1947.  Loads of marble and gold.    If you don't hear from us in News 24 for updates!  No seriously we have no mobile connections in Iran so there maybe radio silence again.  Thanks for taking interest.  A and A. 

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